Instructional Design and Corporate Training

A Variety Of Leaning Tools For Your Business

instructional design and corporate training

Main Line PC Consulting offers instructional design and corporate training services. Both are available at any location around the Philadelphia area. We can come during, before, and after normal work hours. Our instructional design and corporate training tools are loved by our clients for the simple reason that it is available anytime online. In addition from any computer! Clients can learn at their own pace and on their own time.

How does it work? We bring corporate training to practical levels and real life appication. You tell us what your staff or corporation would like to learn and your goals. We learn the material and come up with a instructional design program that provides real life application. We teach your staff the material using a hands on approach to learning. Basically we learn and train for you! Our staff is trained in Education and Instructional Technology bringing you the best in learning and technology. We make learning apply to real life applications. We provide a hands on approach to training and apply it to your corporate envioronment. We reinforce learning with various types of learning tools from various media and the web. Training is customized and scheduled when you need it.

instructional design